PJC will be tracking all potential Empty Legs for flights either originating in Bermuda or where Bermuda is the final destination. The vast majority of flights in and out of Bermuda create the potential for an Empty Leg as very few have pre-arranged return passengers. It’s one of the reasons why private jets to/from Bermuda are expensive.

Most of the Empty Legs will have a pre-set destination, in most cases, either returning to the point of origin or to a repositioning location. As an example, a flight may be arriving in Bermuda from Washington DC and then either return empty back to DC or head to say, Miami, where they have a pickup the next morning. There is often a degree of flexibility in the return leg as they may, for example, agree to stop off in Tampa on the way to Miami. The details of the time and destination flexibility together with the cost proposed by the Operator will be posted in the Members Portal as soon as they come available.

These flights will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. The first member to secure the flight by providing Credit Card details will secure the flight. Subsequent requests will be put on a waitlist in case the original booking falls through.

Members wishing to ‘make an offer’ to join an empty leg flight should contact PJC who will contact and negotiate with the owner of the leg.

Since Empty Legs typically have a short lead time the payment is non-refundable. Should a booker not be able to take the flight, for any reason, PJC will assist in trying to resell the Empty Leg at the original price paid, or lower.