Once a member books a flight with PJC, they will have the opportunity to share the
flight with other members. Should they wish to do this so, we will post the flight
details in the PJC Member Portal displaying the space available and cost, which
will be set by the booker. The flight will be posted without the name of the original booking member being disclosed.

Should another member wish to join the flight they will need to be approved by the
booking member. Once this is done, the sharing member will be advised of the
booking member’s name before proceeding.

PJC will then invoice the cost of the flight according to the agreed cost split.


The default option for offering a shared flight will be for 50% of the seating capacity
at 50% of the cost.

The booking member is, however, entitled to set their own terms for both the space
being offered and the cost- whatever terms are set by the booking member will be
posted on the members portal. PJC will assist in any negotiations on space/cost.